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Privacy statement

This is a tentative English translation of the German privacy statement for this website, which is available by selecting German language and choosing "Datenschutzbelehrung" at the very bottom of the page. When in doubt, or the translation is incomplete or contradicting, the German version is always the valid reference for legal issues. This explanation refers to all Geocaching listing sites operated by Opencaching Deutschland: www.opencaching.de, www.opencaching.it, www.opencachingspain.es and www.opencaching.fr.

We respect your right of informational self-determination. According to German TMG, title 13, and BDSG, title 33, part 1 we explain here which data will be stored by us for which purpose, and how you can inspect the data or have it deleted.

User account

Some services of the Opencaching.de website require a user registration. When registering, you must enter

  • a user name of your choice,
  • a valid email address, and
  • a password of your choice.

This data will be stored in your user profile, together with the date and time of your registration.

Besides of this, you may enter the following optional data in your user profile:

  • first and last name
  • home coordinates
  • home country
  • home town
  • age

We will also record the date and time of your account creation and of your last visit at our website.

We will never pass on your email address and/or name to third parties without your explicit request.

Your user name, home country, coordinates, all data marked as "visible" on the "details" page of your user profile and your registration date can be viewed by any visitors of the Opencaching.de website and may be requested by and transferred to third parties and other websites, e.g. for creating geocaching statistics. For registered Opencaching.de users, your home location is also visible. However, we reserve the right to deny access to this data by anyone whose intentions may be harmful for you or Opencaching.de. If you do not agree with transfering these data to third parties, you should either enter no data (not applicable to user name and date/time) or e.g. enter inaccurate coordinates.

Your first and last name (if entered) and email address are visible for members of Opencaching.de support team and for system administrators. The password is stored encoded in a way which makes it unreadable and not reconstructible.

Cache listings, log entries and published pictures are no private data and may be passed on to third parties.


Opencaching.de stores several cookies in your web browser. They contain information on the website state as chosen by you, e.g. login status, language and editor preferences. This way, the Opencaching site will behave the same after you leave it and come back.

For detailed information, see the developers' cookie documentation.

Webserver protocols

Like any webserver, Opencaching.de keeps a protocol of all requested pages. For each request, it contains the user's IP address, date and time, address (URL) of the requested page, the transferred data amount and the identification of the web browser used. It does not contain the user name or any other information from the Opencaching.de user account.

The protocol is kept for some weeks back; older entries are automatically deleted. It is accessible only for server administratores of Opencaching.de and will be used solely for statistical purposes and for diagnosis of technical problems.

Also, there is a protocol of emails sent by the Opencaching software, e.g. messages about new caches and logs. It contains data for the last 30 days, is accessible only for system admins and will only be used for diagnoses of email delivery problems.

Inspecting your stored data

After logging in, you can view and change your data at the "My Profile" page. You can also see your registration date there.

You can inspect the stored cookies within your web browser.

Deleting your stored data

You can always delete all optional data from your user profile, and you can change the mandantory user name, email address and password as you like (as long as the email address stays valid).

Accounts of users who did find or log caches cannot be deleted. Hovever, they can be disabled. Disabling includes deletion of all data, including the email address, from the user profile. The user name, cache listings and logs will be retained and stay visible, but the listings will be locked and cannot be logged from thereon. If you desire to disable your Opencaching.de account, please send an email to kontakt@opencaching.de and using the email address specified in your profile. We then will disable your account.

To allow for fixing operating errors, the personal data will be kept for two weeks after user deactivation, before they are finally deleted.

A user deactivation cannot be reversed. If you would like to use Opencaching.de thereafter, you will have to register again with a new user name and eventually re-list your caches.

You may delete the cookies in your web browser.

For questions or when in doubt, please contact us at kontakt@opencaching.de!